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Achieve Your Goals with a Personal Fitness Trainer in Dubai

Looking to elevate your lifestyle, fitness, and personal health?
Partner with a personal trainer at Elevation Fitness and bring your fitness to a whole new level!

World-class personal trainers and equipment, all in one place

Elevation Fitness is a complete fitness training brand that is focused on helping every client become a better version of themselves through personal training programmes.
We individualise our personal training programmes to each and every client to help them achieve the best results possible. It all starts with establishing a baseline – the client’s current physical conditioning and capabilities. Based on the physical evaluations and the expectations of the client, our team will create a training programme that will gradually move the client further along the path of progress.
If you wish to build muscle and gain mass, we can create a programme that will help you grow bigger and stronger. Looking to trim down and tone up? Our personal trainers can help you lose unwanted fats and achieve a slimmer figure.
Preparing for a competition, a fight, or a race? We can create a training programme that will help you get in shape on time, with a personal trainer who will supervise your workouts, correct your form, and motivate you to do better.
We have fully-equipped facilities in Dubai to support whole body workouts, high intensity interval training, focused muscle building, yoga and flexibility workouts, calisthenics, and other kinds of training regimens. From heavy bags and boxing equipment to CrossFit circuits and weights, our Dubai gyms are ready to accommodate you.

Partner with an expert personal fitness trainer today

Ready to take that first step to better health? Visit any of our gyms in Dubai today. We have a branch in Business Bay and Jumeirah Lakes Towers.
Find out more about our timings by visiting our contact page or contacting us at +971 4 5514744. You can also email us your queries at
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