Class details

Elevation Fitness tailors the workout programs to help you achieve quick results and also to make you feel good at the end of every workout. Working in partnership with you we can offer exclusive rates, tailored health support, and full use of our state of art facilities and services for your employees.

We develop bespoke training programmers that our creative and innovate designed to capture, engage enlighten and motivate individuals to achieve and exceed their potential

  • Our offerings are physchology-based. We create solutions based on solid understanding of individual cognitive and behevorial functioning. 
  • Our passion is to be part of the growth and development of organizations; hence relationship building is a key source.  

Membership Benefits for the Company

  • Improve team performance
  • Grow employee confidence and morale
  • Create a happier working enviroment 
  • Support a healthier workforce
  • Attract new recruits and increase retention

Membership Benefits for the Employees

  • Access innovative classes, fitness programmes and training facilities
  • Workout with you colleagues and motivate each other
  • Find out how to keep fit even when you’re not in the club
  • Work with our experts to get the most from your membership